Even the smartest drivers can get into trouble sometimes. But getting stranded roadside should not result in frustration. Thanks to ŠKODA Assist - Road Side Assistance, you can be on your way very soon. We will handle them all, from mechanical assistance to major breakdowns.

ŠKODA Assist - Road Side Assistance offers reliable and secure roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ŠKODA Assist - Road Side Assistance comprises the tele assist and roadside assistance services. If your ŠKODA is immobilised for any reason (even mislaid keys, lack of fuel, or a puncture) one phone call to ŠKODA Assistance will quickly provide help - anywhere in India.



Mechanical/Electrical Assistance

If your vehicle cannot be mobilised at the breakdown location, we will deliver your vehicle to your preferred authorised ŠKODA repairer in a capital city or major town. In any other area, you will be towed to nearest authorised ŠKODA Partner, or to the customer’s choice of ŠKODA Partner if that ŠKODA Partner is within 20 kilometres from the breakdown location (in a metro area). If the breakdown has occurred after business hours, we will arrange for your vehicle to be stored at a secure facility and delivered to an authorised repairer the next working day.
2 flat battery.jpg

Flat / Weak battery

Flat batteries can occur. If you find yourself immobilised with a battery problem, we will attend to your vehicle, test the battery for performance, jump start the flat battery or coordinate a battery replacement if required.
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Flat Tyre

If you find yourself with a flat tyre, we will change it with the vehicle’s serviceable spare wheel. If your vehicle is not equipped with a spare wheel, we will transport the vehicle to an approved tyre outlet or authorised repairer, whichever is the nearest (subject to the towing/transportation limits).
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Fuel Exhaustion

If your vehicle runs out of fuel, we will provide sufficient petrol or diesel (to a maximum of 10 litres) for you to travel to the nearest available petrol station.